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2016/09/18 - Hey, it's about time we got this back up and going. It's good to see everyone again!

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Item availability

Not all items on this site are currently available for sale, but all have been for sale in the past. Etsy links are provided for current listings. Of course, feel free to drop us a line and we'll let you know if we can recreate an item from our past!

View all of the current items up for sale at "Sylvan Creation" on Etsy

Pages of interest

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Upcoming show schedule

2017 - August
8/17-8/20 Gencon

 ScareFest (2017 dates pending)

Recent shows

4/28-4/30 Steampunk Symposium

11/11-11-13 Pandoracon

9/30-10/2 - ScareFest

9/23-9/25 - Cincinnati Comic Expo

8/4-8/7 Gencon 

7/22-7/24 Motor City Steamcon

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